If you are looking to add an extra touch of style and decor to your UK home, then rectangular cushions are the perfect choice of home accessory for you. Here at Amouri Home, we have a collection of stunning rectangular cushions in a range of colours and patterns to suit any home. 

As our name suggests, we have love in our minds and in our hearts and we are set on providing our customers with the most luxurious and beautiful cushions to fill your home with love. 

Through the use of colours, patterns, gussets and trims we create cushions that make a statement and change the entire feel of a room. All of our cushions are lovingly made by hand in Hertfordshire, and we source locally within the United Kingdom for our materials as much as we can. We use the best techniques for creating our cushions, to ensure their quality and durability and fill our cushions with the finest bespoke duck feathers to give them a luxurious design.

Why not take a look at our range of luxury, rectangular cushions at Amouri Home?

Enhance your Homes Appearance and Inject Personality and Flair

Cushions are a fantastic way to enhance your home’s appearance and can add a little something extra that your interior may be missing. You can completely alter the look and feel of your home by adding cushions in the right rooms and spots and spruce your home up easily with some added comfort. Cushions can add some of your personality to your home. Whether you want to add bold, colourful vibrant cushions or neutral, colour-coordinated classic cushions to match your sofa and interior they are a stunning way to bring a bit of you into your home’s decor.

Comfortable and Easily Changeable 

Cushions are the perfect accessory to add some extra comfort to your home and turn the most uncomfortable couch into the comfiest piece of furniture. A cushion will add some extra support to your sofa, armchair, or bed and will make unwinding at the end of the day even more relaxing. Cushions are easily changeable, and you can mix your cushions up depending on your mood, events, occasions, or the seasons. You can bring in different colours, designs, and patterns and chop and change your cushions to suit how you’re feeling. They aren’t a permanent accessory as you can take them out and add new ones in as you fit, and build your own perfect cushion collection.

Rectangular Cushions at Amouri Home

At Amouri Home, we have a range of beautiful rectangular cushions to choose from to suit any home interior and aesthetic. We have rectangular cushions in a range of colours including grey, green, blue, black pink, and a range of stunning patterns and designs. So why not add some of our luxurious rectangular cushions to your home today?

Go for our Bokhara Pink rectangular cushion, that has a unique ikat pattern and mixes soft hues of delicate neutral shades as well as traditional rich and vibrant colours. Or our Nala rectangular cushion, which is a beautiful deep blue shade that has an interesting animal print and a classy, playful feel. Or perhaps our Rosie rectangular cushion, which is a beautifully soft, subtle shade of pink with a stunning pink trim around the edge.

Accessorise your Living Space with our Luxury, Rectangular Cushions

We welcome you to shop through our range of luxury, rectangular cushions today at Amouri Home. You can place your order on our website 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We ship our cushions all over the UK, and aim to have your cushion with you within 3-5 working days from when you place your order.  
If you would like to speak to our team about any of our cushions that we have available or have any further questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us. You can fill in our online enquiry form, or drop us an email to hello@amourihome.com.