Do you want to indulge in the soft touch of velvet cushions? Are you looking to add a luxury feel to your home through affordable cushions? Here at Amouri Home, we are all about spoiling our customers with choice when it comes to our bespoke, handmade cushions and what better way to do that than with the finest patterns, colours, gussets and material combined with duck feathers and our undivided attention. Amouri Home was born out of the passion our family shares for interior design and the creation of bespoke, well thought out furnishings, that is when we decided it was time to share our love with the world through our handmade cushions.

Cushions to Suit all Aesthetics

Our luxury velvet cushions, which are handmade in Hertfordshire, are the ideal way to add that extra warm and thoughtful touch to your’s, a friend’s, or a family member’s home without spending a fortune. Amouri Home has conveniently priced all of our items to suit any budget without being too dear or even too cheap.

Our close knit team believes that everyone should experience the brush of luxury velvet cushions; whether that’s a night in front of the fire with your feet up after a long day at work, whilst reading the paper first thing before taking the kids to school or even for a cup or tea and a catch up at lunchtime with your next door neighbour. Shop our luxury velvet cushions today.

Not sure how to start filling your home with our bespoke, handmade creations? Well, why not think about pairing your favourite velvet statement cushion from our website with a few of our other plain but elegant products? This way you can create a sofa scene to capture the attention of everyone that walks into your home. 

For example, pick out our printed fabric Bokhara cushion and fuse it together with a few of our Foresta Rectangle and Rosie luxury velvet cushions. Maybe you are after something a little more soothing on the eye? If that is the case, why not fuse together a couple of our Samar rectangles with a group of velvet Agua cushions. 

Still not sure which of our cushions will suit you and your home best? Get in touch with us today, we will be happy to help and provide you with our expert opinion.

Create your Own Cushions Collections with Amouri Home

Style your home with a personal touch through the Amouri Home luxury velvet cushions collection. Shop our cushions today on our website and snuggle up on the sofa with your purchase just 3-5 working days later. You can find out more about our delivery and returns policy here
Should you need to get in touch with a member of our team you can send us an email to where we will be happy to provide you with any information regarding your existing order, the products we source and use to make our soft furnishing and; of course, the services we have to offer you.