Do you want to add a collection of elegant, luxury cushions to your home? Maybe you are thinking about adding to your living space with some beautiful bold prints, or you want to add some colour to your bedding. Here at Amouri Home we offer a wide range of beautiful, unique handmade cushions to suit any taste, style and aesthetic. From simple, staple pieces to bold, colourful pieces we have a cushion for everyone. All of our cushions are made from the finest designer fabrics, with our high-quality duck feather inner. 

Handmade and designed in Hertfordshire, we have cushions to add some personality to any room in your home. Our reviews from previous and existing customers will give you all the information you need to know before buying your own geometric pattern cushions from Amouri Home. Today we are delving into just a handful of our favourite unique handmade cushions that our team have chosen, so you can get a little flavour for some of our pieces.


Our Meander cushion is bright, kaleidoscopic, and intoxicating with its bright green tones and bold white maze-esque lines. The cushion is made from a Linen material, with a rectangular shape perfect to throw onto your bed for a bright pop of colour.


Our Arya cushion is definitely one of our favourite pieces, with its beautiful and unique design and pattern and trim. This cushion combines black and white bold shapes in an Ikat pattern. The perfect cushion to add to your sofa or armchair in your living room.

Hodsoll Blue

Our Hodsoll Blue cushion is one of our best sellers, with a beautiful blue and cream animal print. It is made from luxury linen and is a square shaped cushion. The design is a beautiful ocelot print, with a satin blue lining. The ideal piece for any location of your home!

Adler Watermelon

Lastly, our Adler Watermelon cushion is made from a stunning velvet material, with an eye-catching green and pink watermelon style print! It is a rectangular shaped cushion and is certain to spice up whichever room you choose to place it into.

Add our Unique Handmade Cushions to your Home

We have cushions in a range of shapes and sizes including square, rectangular, and bolsters too. All of our cushions are uniquely designed meaning that you won’t find the same print of cushions anywhere else on the market. Adding an Amouri cushion to your home means that you will have a piece that you can’t find anywhere else. Take a look at our full range of uniquely designed and printed cushions.

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We are here to make sure you get the most out of Amouri Home and your cushions, which is why we are more than happy to guide you through the whole process of picking the cushions to suit you and your home the best. 
If you want to speak to our team about Amouri Home, or our products you can do this by emailing us at where we will be able to answer any questions or queries you may have.