By accessorising your home with cushions, you can update the look of your living space and change the entire ambience of your room – whether it be your living room, bedroom, or office space. Cushions add interest to your room and can make your home feel much more welcoming and visually appealing. Here at Amouri Home, we have a collection of beautiful, luxurious large handmade cushions that are lovingly made by hand in the UK and make the perfect addition to any home.

By adding large cushions to your home, you can decorate your furniture and introduce bold colours, neutral tones, cosiness, and warmth to your living space. Large cushions don’t overwhelm your entire decor but add a touch of personality and style to whichever piece of furniture you place them on. 

We have a large collection of beautiful, large cushions to choose from to suit any style and aesthetic. Our cushions come in a range of colours, including black, white, cream, pink, grey, monochrome, and green with many designs and patterns to choose from. Today our team has picked out just a few of our favourite large handmade cushions.

Andes Ivory

The Andes Ivory is a staple piece for any living space or bedroom. It is a stunning, luxurious cushion that can be paired with neutral and calming tones or with bright and bold colours and patterns. It is made from a cream-coloured textured Boucle material and is of a stunning square design. 

Pink Wilde

The Pink Wilde is a beautiful bold cushion that is certain to add a touch of personality to whichever room you place it in. It is a vibrant pink shade, made in a unique rectangular shape. This cushion features a stylish animal print which is enhanced by a horizontal stripe ground effect which adds an interesting contrast to this wild cushion.

Hamlin French Blue

The Hamlin French Blue is an eye-catching enchanting cushion that has a blue and white contemporary geometric diamond design. This large cushion features a unique black stepped edge, which contrasts beautifully with the blue and is certain to brighten up and add a touch of personality to your furniture.

Nala Square

The Nala Square is a classy and playful cushion, with a beautiful deep blue textured design and trim. We love animal prints here at Amouri Home, and the Nala is no exception to this. This large square shaped cushion has an eye-catching animal print design, whilst keeping a very classic and clean feel. 


The Melissa is a stunning neutral-toned cushion, with a beautiful subtle geometric design filling up the majority of the cushion’s design. It is of a gentle, calming cream shade with a slightly darker cream trim around the edges. This design will fit seamlessly into any bed, sofa, or armchair. 

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