Are your existing cushions looking a little tired and worn? Has the time come for you to finally find replacements for your cushions? Well, if that is the case then Amouri Home can offer you an extensive selection of handmade, luxury geometric cushions in all shapes, sizes, designs and materials. And whats more, you could be paying the same; if not less, than high street brands for better quality and craftsmanship at Amouri Home than anything you can pick up in your local home store.

Based in a corner of Hertfordshire, Amouri Home offers a much more personal experience when it comes to purchasing new cushions. With a unique, family bond that values our customers’ visions and points of view; no matter how much or how little you purchase from our store, Amouri Home can assure you won’t receive the same level of first class customer service and handpicked, premium quality goods when using any larger soft furnishing manufacturers. 

Find out why family run, small businesses that offer handmade consumables truly are the way forward.

Add Shapes to your Furniture with our Luxury Geometric Cushions

Nothing says personality quite like the soft furnishings in your home, so what better way to liven up your sofas, beds or chairs than with some colourful, luxury geometric cushions that have all been intricately planned, designed and constructed by the hands of an expert who has made it their mission to tell a different story with each and every cushion. This is Amouri Home.

When we think geometric, we automatically see shapes, patterns and puzzles but who would’ve thought that there were so many different geometric patterns that exist. Here at Amouri Home we have combined unique patterns with complimentary colours, gussets and trims to create our wide range of luxury geometric cushions and bolsters. Some of our most popular luxury geometric cushions include the Echo Rectangle, Zenith, Mila, Lizzi and the Wilder

With the warmer weather upon us and every opportunity seized to spend as much time as possible outside, why not consider a cushion or two on your outdoor furniture? Why not take your Perry, Perry Rectangle, Fes Pink, Fes Aqua or Fes Navy cushions outside with you? Thanks to their weatherproof properties you, your family and your friends can enjoy your new luxury geometric cushions from Amouri Home, both indoors and outdoors.

Fill your Property with an Array of Geometric Patterns

Why not shop our cushions to see the other luxury geometric cushions we have to offer, along with all of our other elegant furnishings that you could be filling your home with. Should you need to speak to a member of our team directly, you can do so by getting in contact with us via email. Please send any questions or queries you may have about Amouri Home, our luxury geometric cushions and any of our other premium quality creations to our email address or complete the online contact form on our website.