Do you want to give your home a new look with luxury, handmade cushions of the most premium quality and style? If the answer is yes, then Amouri Home is the ideal place for you. With five-star reviews for our cushions and services, we are a reputable family-run business that you can trust for exceptional products and our service.

Amouri Home was born out of a deep love and passion for interior design and bespoke pieces, and since then we have been designing and creating our luxury cushions of all colours, shapes and sizes at affordable prices to suit everyone. We have a wide range of beautiful, unique handmade cushions to suit any taste, style, and aesthetic. 

So whether you are looking to kit out your entire home with new cushions, or just add a few to your living space then we will have something for you. From simple, staple pieces to bold, colourful pieces we have a cushion for everyone. All of our cushions are uniquely designed, meaning that you won’t find the same print of cushions anywhere else on the market.

Where did it all Begin?

Amouri Home is a family-run business and our family share a deep love and passion for interior design and creating bespoke pieces which is what fuelled the start of Amouri Home. We wanted to be able to provide customers with stunning, bespoke cushions at an affordable price, which is something that we could not see much of in the industry at the time. 

Our cushions are priced to suit any budget, as our close-knit team believes that everyone should be able to experience the brush of luxury velvet cushions, no matter your price range. Here at Amouri Home, our aim is to create cushions that make a statement and change the feel of a room, through the use of breath-taking colours, patterns, gussets and trims. Our aim is to provide you with beautiful, unique and eye-catching pieces with quality and luxury in mind. 

What is Different About Amouri Home?

For us, it all starts with the design, where we put together fabric swatches from our favourite designers that we love and compliment each other perfectly. We use the finest bespoke duck feather inners which are perfectly created to fit our cushions and give them a luxurious full look and feel. 

All of our cushions are lovingly made by hand in Hertfordshire, and we believe in supporting our community and source locally and within the United Kingdom where we can. We ensure that you know exactly where your furnishings come from, from the fabric swatches all the way down to the duck feather filling.

Want to Add Luxury Handmade Cushions to your Home?

Add that personal touch to your home through our Amouri Home luxury cushion collection, and find a cushion that fits you and your style no matter what it is. Shop our beautiful range of cushions on our website today and you could be snuggling up on your sofa in front of the fire with your purchase just 3-5 working days later.

Get in touch with the Amouri Home Team

We are here to make sure you get the most out of Amouri Home and your cushions, which is why we are more than happy to guide you through the whole process of picking the cushions to suit you and your home the best. If you want to speak to our team about Amouri Home, or our products you can do this by emailing us at where we will be able to answer any questions or queries you may have.