Are you looking for the perfect house warming present for a friend or family member? Do you want to add a collection of elegant, luxury cushions to your home? Well, we would like to introduce you to our family run business that is based in Hertfordshire; Amouri Home, not your conventional, bulk made, cushion supplier. No, we are much more than that. 

Have you ever wanted to get your hands on luxury cushions that have each been handmade with exceptional craftsmanship and undivided attention to detail but you can’t quite justify the asking price? Well, that’s where Amouri Home has you covered. 

Our dedicated team believes that everyone should be able to experience and enjoy luxury in their own property without having to worry about breaking the bank. So, with this in mind we decided that we were going to make creative cushions in the UK for a budget friendly price.

Quality Cushions Handmade in the UK to Suit your Aesthetic

Now, we understand that no two clients are the same and with this being said, no two homes or businesses are the same, so why would we limit the style and designs of our cushions? Our luxury cushions are carefully planned and constructed with every step of the process, from picking the initial fabric swatches, thread to match for the stitching and gussets to compliment them, all the way to filling the cushion with our highest quality, bespoke duck feather innards and ensuring each one is environmentally packaged for a quick and secure delivery to your door.

So, why not head over to our website and browse through our handmade, creative cushions in the UK? Be sure to check out some of our favourites, be that our Adler collection which includes the Adler Surf, the Adler Watermelon with matching square cushion and bolster. How about our monochrome Arya or Aztec cushions or even throw a touch of velvet in there with our Isabelle Graphite or Mani Green geo cushions. Explore all of our creative cushions in the UK for yourself.

Get your Hands on Creative Cushions in the UK

If you are looking to bag yourself intricately designed, carefully crafted, luxury cushions for an affordable price, then we are sure you won’t be disappointed when you purchase any of the items in the Amouri Home shop

To speak to our team directly we encourage you to get in touch by sending us an email to or by messaging us through our online contact form

You can ask as many questions as you like about our creative cushions in the UK, as well as any previous or existing orders and we will get back to you promptly with all the relevant information and answers you are searching for.
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