Are you thinking about adding to your sofas with elegant rectangular cushions? Maybe you want to add some colour to your bedding? Here at Amouri Home we design and create bespoke, luxury cushions of all colours, shapes and sizes all at an affordable price; so you don’t have to break the bank when getting your ideal home aesthetic. Why not take a look at what our existing customers have to say about Amouri Home?

Our Hertfordshire based business was established from our shared passion for interior design and we thought, what better way to express our love than to give you a taste through our beautiful, handmade cushions. Unlike a lot of companies in our industry, we source all of our materials and products locally and within the UK, thus ensuring you know where your furnishings come from, from the fabric swatches all the way down to the duck feather filling.

Keeping it Rectangular

Although our charming, handcrafted cushions come in a great range of shapes and sizes, we understand that sometimes you are looking to keep things simple; and often this can prove more fashionable. Which is why we have put together an even grander range of rectangular cushions available to you, right here in the UK. Shop cushions to suit your specifications.

Through the use of different colours, patterns, gussets and trims we have assembled a range of rectangular cushions to suit any aesthetic. Whether you love a plain, velvet cushion in your feature colour to act as a base, be it the Foresta Rectangle or the Prussian Blue. 

Maybe you are looking for the ultimate statement piece to bring out your fun side, be it the Monserrate Pink, the Ostuna or even our contemporary Echo cushions, we have the perfect ones to suit your dreams.

How to Look After Your Cushions

Your cushions are fragile! Handmade cushions are that extra bit special which is why looking after them correctly is essential to get the full experience out of your cushions for longer. Should you feel the need to clean your cushions we recommend that they are dry cleaned only. 

This allows that extra level of care and attention when they are washed, this ensures the colours and textures remain as they did when they left our shop. Not only this, but regular plumping of your pillows will help to keep them in their original shape.

Want to Enjoy Luxury in your Own Home?

If you are interested in our elegant, handmade rectangular cushions you can buy your favorites on our website today. Should you need to speak to our team about Amouri Home or our products you can do this by emailing us at, where we will be able to answer any questions or queries you may have. 

We are here to make sure you get the most out of Amouri Home and your cushions which is why we are more than happy to guide you through the whole process of picking the cushions to suit you and your home the best. Leave us a message and we will be in touch shortly.